Welcome to our Varanasi Temples site. We thought it would be a good idea to create a site that lists and gives details of the various temples in Varanasi, with a primary focus on the temples mentioned in Kashi Khand, which is a part of the Skanda Purana, extolling the virtues of Kashi.

This site is dedicated to:



Late Shri P.K. Siva-subramanian who belongs to the family of Mahadeva Bhagavathar of Puthucode Village in Palkkad Distt. of Kerala. Late Siva-subramanian spent most part of his professional life in Bombay (now Mumbai) and settled down in Kashi in 1977 in pursuit of spirituality. To keep the family going, he took up job in Banaras Beads Ltd. wherefrom he retired as Accounts Manager.

Shri Sivasubramanian did immense work in visiting various temples and was desirous that pilgrims from all over the world should have darshan (visiting a shrine or worshipping an idol) of as many temples as possible to achieve Salvation. In the process, he helped various South Indian pilgrims in smooth conduct of Kashi Yatra and temple visits. He died during the year 1996, at the age of 73, due to cardiac arrest.

Late Smt. Jagadhambal
Late Smt. Jagadhambal, daughter of Late Nungambakkam Nagaraja Iyer, Advocate, High Court, Madras (now Chennai) and wife of Late P.K. Sivasubramanian above.

Smt. Jagadhambal was an ardent devotee and during her stay in Varanasi, she was involved in various Satsangs, having darshans at various important temples on daily basis. She was deeply involved in translation work of Kashi Khand from Sanskrit to Tamil (alongwith Late Smt. Gomati Rajangam of Shankara Kripa) for the benefit of Tamil readers.

Smt. Jagadhambal was keen that more and more pilgrims should know the details of various temples of Kashi and with limited resources, she managed to compile details of several temples. In the process, she helped various South Indian pilgrims in smooth conduct of Kashi Yatra and temple visits. She died during the year 1998, at the age of 66, in Mumbai while on a pilgrimage thereat.


SMT. LALITHA V., daughter of Smt. Kaveri and Late Shri A.S. Narayan of Goregaon, Mumbai and wife of Shri P.S. Venkataramanan. She is the daughter-in-law of Late Smt. Jagadhambal and Late Shri P.K. Sivasubramanian, to whom this work has been dedicated.

Smt. Lalitha V. is a Commerce Graduate from Mumbai.  She has helped various pilgrims from Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and other places in smooth conduct of their Kashi Yatra and temple darshans.

Since her mother-in-law was involved in translating Kashi Khand into Tamil (which was voluminous), Smt. Lalitha V. desired that devotees should know the temple wise details as obtaining in Kashi Khand.  She was also desirous that the details of various temples in Kashi should be brought out in brief, containing their locations and other facts.  She has visited over 350 temples in Kashi alongwith her husband and family friends to collect various details. The compiler is highly grateful to Shri Narayan Dravid, Shri Madan Lal, Shri Rajesh Kumar Sharma and Shri Debashish Purkayastha of  Varanasi who assisted in visiting quite a few temples in Varanasi for gathering details.



Smt. Lalitha V and her husband Shri P.S. Venkataramanan personally met Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and suggested ways to develop religious tourism in Kashi. Also presented him with two books “Shiv Lings of Kashi” and “Graha Dosham”.  Shri Narendra Modi was keen on developing religious tourism in Varanasi (Kashi).







Temple Details
  • A. Introduction
  • About Kashi Khand
  • Temples worshipped as Jyotirlings in Kashi
  • Kashi Yatra performed by South Indians
  • Importance of immersion of mortal remains (Asthi) in Ganga