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A short introduction to Shri P.S. Venkatramanan (P.S.V. Raman)

Shri P.S. Venkataramanan was born in Bombay (now Mumbai). His parents were Late P.K. Sivasubramanian and Smt. Jagadhambal, to whom this site has been dedicated. Shri Venkataramanan had his school and College level education in Bombay. The family shifted to Varanasi where his father got a job. The parents of Shri Venkataramanan were highly religious and ever since they landed in Kashi they were keen that all South Indians who visit Kashi for their religious rituals, temple darshan etc. should not face any difficulty.  Accordingly, both of them were very keen in helping the devotees/pilgrims.

Shri Venkataramanan worked in a private firm whereafter he joined Government Service in Intelligence Bureau. Though the job was challenging, he quit the same when he got a job in a Public Sector Bank where he is working for the past 34 years.  In the process he is directly or indirectly helping various customers and staff members.

He is following the footsteps of his parents and has dedicated his life to Kashi.  He is helping several Pilgrims mainly South Indians in their conduct of Kashi Yatra and temple visits etc. Since his parents were desirous that devotees should know about Kashi (Varanasi) temples, Shri Venkataramanan, alongwith his wife Lalitha.V visited over 350 temples during March – May 2009. The details of the temples have been compiled and brought out in this site.

Astrology was a natural legacy to Shri Venkataramanan because his forefathers from mother’s side were eminent astrologers. He studied astrology from various ancient texts in 5 languages viz. Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and English.  He has been practising Astrology for more than 30 years.  Shri Venkataramanan believes that to correctly practise and preach astrology, one should have Daiva Anugraham (Divine Blessings).  Accordingly, if any one consults him, he prefers to cast the horoscope afresh and on many occasions personally worships and prays at various temples in Kashi on behalf of devotees.

Shri Venkataramanan has specialised in analysing specific problems and finding remedial measures.  So devotees are requested only to consult for their problems for finding remedies.  Regular chart reading or future prediction may not be possible.

Temple Details
  • A. Introduction
  • About Kashi Khand
  • Temples worshipped as Jyotirlings in Kashi
  • Kashi Yatra performed by South Indians
  • Importance of immersion of mortal remains (Asthi) in Ganga