Kashi Khand states  that Lord Surya positioned himself at a particular place in Kashi so as to worship Holy river Ganges.

It is believed that even today Lord Surya is residing at the above place reciting Stotras of Ganges and blessing his devotees.  The form of Surya at the Ghat of Ganges came to be known as Ganga Aditya.

Ganga Aditya

Ganga Aditya


A staunch devotee, who worships Ganga Aditya will never face any mishap and will never be cheated by anyone. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 51).


Ganga Aditya is located at No. 1/68, below Nepali Mandir, Lalita Ghat.  The deity is situated in a room covered with iron grill and facing the river Ganges. From Vishwanath temple, a devotee should approach Saraswati Phatak and proceed further straight and after walking about 200 metres, he will approach a place where Phoote Ganesh is located.  It is advisable to ask for Nepali Pasupatinath temple for location. Nepali Pasupatinath temple is a landmark below which, devotees can find Ganga Aditya.


Devotees can have darshan practically throughout.

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