Long time back, one person named Vimal was residing in a hilly place.  Due to some sins committed in his earlier life, he was afflicted with Leprosy.  He had heard about Kashi and he left his family and belongings, came to Kashi and started worshipping Lord Surya with all fervour.

He performed all sorts of Poojas, Pushp Archana and other rituals as are prescribed for Lord Surya.  His pious actions pleased Lord Surya who appeared before him and with his divine blessings, Vimal was cured of his ailment (Leprosy).  Lord Surya also offered a divine wish to Vimal.

Vimal appealed to Lord Surya that all his devotees should never be afflicted by this dreaded disease.  They should not face any sort of difficulties in their life.  Lord Surya granted accordingly and stated that devotees will know him as Vimal Aditya at that place.  Further, Lord Surya will always remain in the idol of Vimal Aditya and will continue to bless his devotees.

Vimal Aditya

Vimal Aditya

According to Kashi Khand, a mere darshan of Vimal Aditya is capable enough to cure all kinds of diseases.


Vimal Aditya is located at No. D-35/273, Gully behind Khari Kuan, Jangambari, near Godowlia.  People can reach this place by rickshaw.


The place of worship remains practially open throughout.

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