According to Kashi Khand, besides Dhundhi Vinayak, there are fifty six Vinayaks at the places mentioned against respective deities.  Other than the fifty six Vinayaks, some devotees may have installed other Vinayak idols which are also being worshipped.

Out of the above fifty six Vinayaks, some are full fledged/stand alone temples while many are housed in the premises of other temples.  A few of the Vinayaks are idols fixed in the wall or by the side of the road or in the steps of  River Ghat.  But local people worship these deities with all religious fervour.

There are many religious groups in Kashi which help to undertake YATRA (Religious Pilgrimage) of the fifty six places of worship of Vinayak popularly known as Chhappan Vinayak Yatra. (Chhappan in Hindi means fifty six).  The yatra may take two-three days.


Wherever possible, timings of the temple etc. is given. This may apply only to Vinayaks which are located as stand alone temples or inside temple premises. In other cases, darshan / pooja by self is open practically throughout. 

Lord Shiva went on to mention the other places where Vinayak established himself in Kashi. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 57).  Details have been compiled about fifty six  places of worship dedicated to Lord Vinayak (Ganesha) and are given respectively.

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