Kashi Khand, Chapter 94, mentions a Ling called Jyoti Rupeshwar near Manikarnika. It is stated that river Ganga which is worshipped as Goddess, herself worships Jyoti Rupeshwar. 

Jyoti Rupeshwar

Jyoti Rupeshwar

Long long ago, Lord Vishnu was undergoing severe penance of Lord Shiva at Chakra Pushkarini (Mani Karnika) when a divine light in the form of a Ling appeared. This was Jyoti Rupeshwar.

Devotees who worship this Ling regularly are said to attain Siddhi (divine powers). The devotees will themselves start shining like Jyoti (ray of light).


Jyoti Rupeshwar is located at Ck.8/10, Gomath, Abhay Sanyas Ashram. At one time this must have been in the open, but now it is within the premises of the Ashram.  However, devotee can have darshan of this divine Ling.  This Ling is called as Jyoti Lingeshwar by the locals.

Devotees can travel upto Chowk by rickshaw and walk upto this place. They may have to take directions from locals to reach Gomath.


This Ling is in a private property and nothing much can be added about this than what is stated above.

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