According to Kashi Khand, Chapter 14, there was a religious place called Eeshan Puri where Lord Shiva’s devotees resided.  Eleven of the staunch devotees of Lord Shiva reached Kashi,  installed a Shiv Ling called Eeshaneshwar and started praying that Ling.  They offered special prayers on Ashtami and Chaturdasi days (eighth and fourteenth day respectively after Amavasya and Poornima).



Kashi Khand states that if a devotee undertakes fast on Chaturdasi, remains awake the whole of the night, praying to Eeshaneshwar, he will be blessed with all happiness and will attain Moksha (release from rebirth).


Eeshaneshwar is located at Deepak Cinema compound at Bansphatak.  The Cinema  hall has been demolished and a Shopping Mall is under contruction.  The Mall authorities are preserving the temple and they were kind enough to allow the compiler to offer prayers at this temple.

Enquiries revealed that presently darshan is allowed only through the wall from the by-lane nearby.

It is expected that once the construction of Mall is fully completed, darshan will become easy as the devotees will have easy access to the temple.


Presently the temple is open from morning to evening.  After the Mall becomes fully operational, there may be some timings attached to the temple.  Devotees can perform pooja on their own.

Temple Details
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