In Tri Lok Sundari Vandi Devi’s South Kashi, Lord Vishnu is present in the form of Tribhuwan Keshav. (Kashi Khand mentions this as Bhuwan Keshav).

Devotees who worship Tribhuwan Keshav will not see womb again, meaning thereby that there will be no rebirth.


Tribhuwan Keshav

Tribhuwan Keshav


Tribhuwan Keshav is located at D.17/100, Bandi Devi, Dasaswamedh Ghat. Just before the Ghat, devotees should take a right turn.  It is advisable to enquire at the vegetable market just before the Ghat.   The temple priest calls this deity by the name of  Dharani Varaha. There is some confusion as some learned Pundits claim that Dharani Varaha is located at D.17/111, Ram Mandir and they give the name of Prayag Madhav for this.

Kashi Khand mentions South Kashi. If we take the Mukti Kshetra of Kashi as per Kashi Khand, Madhyameshwar is the mid point and Dasaswamedh Ghat falls to the South. However, in the present day scenario Dasaswamedh is the center point for various religious and cultural activities.

There is also a Shiv Ling in the temple premises which was called  Prayageshwar by the Poojari.


The temple remains open from 08.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. However, devotees can have darshan through grilled door throughout.


Shri Babboo Maharaj is the poojari of the temple and he can be contacted in his phone number 0542-2455042 (after 09.00 p.m.) for performing any special pooja etc.

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