All Hindus consider it very auspicious to visit Kashi at least once in their life time.  South Indians undertake Kashi Yatra wherein rituals in three places viz. Allahabad, Kashi and Gaya are involved.  Given below, in brief are the rituals generally performed in Kashi.

i)          Maha Prayaschittam.

ii)         Maha Sankalpam

iii)        Manikarnika Snanam

iv)        Pancha Ghatta Pindam

v)         Ganga Pooja/Dampati Pooja

vi)        Vishwanatha Abhishekham

vii)        Annapoorna/Vishalakshi Archanai

viii)       Kala Bhairava Samaradhanai

ix)        Worship of Panch Kowdi Mata temple which is located opposite Durga Temple on the way to Kabir Nagar Colony.

The above rituals may normally take 2-3 days. Three days would be ideal and if only 2 days are allotted, some rites or rituals might have to be cut short.  Regarding importance of Manikarnika Snanam and Pancha Ghatta Pindam, readers may please refer to our write up of five important ghats elsewhere. The five ghats are Assi, Dasaswamedh, Manikarnika, Panchganga and Varuna. Since Varuna Ghat is far off, they generally perform the last pindam in Trilochan Ghat. Regarding the temples mentioned above, devotees may kindly go through the respective temples’ write up.

Recently people from Saptarishis Astrology took interview of Shri PS Venkataramanan regarding remedial measures in Kashi and brought out You Tube video Mission Man of Kashi and the link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHubQFRbsyQ



Shri Amit Kumar Pandey, Asstt. Manager, State Bank of India based in Varanasi highly appreciates the great work done by the Compiler Smt. Lalitha V. and her husband Shri P.S. Venkataramanan in bringing out the details of various temples in Kashi as per Kashi Khand and Ling Puraan.

Temple Details
  • A. Introduction
  • About Kashi Khand
  • Temples worshipped as Jyotirlings in Kashi
  • Kashi Yatra performed by South Indians
  • Importance of immersion of mortal remains (Asthi) in Ganga