Lord Vishnu was recounting various religiously important places, teerths etc. to Sage Bindu (Kashi Khand, Chapter 61). 

Devotees should bathe in Bhagirath Teerth and perform rituals for their forefathers. The devotees should then worship Bhagiratheshwar nearby. 



By performing the above religious rites, the devotees will be cleansed of all their sins howsoever heinous they may be. Bhagirat Teerth is not in existence now.


Bhagiratheshwar is located at Ck.11/11, near Brahmanal in the house of Devanand Chaturvedi.  This place falls opposite to Vani Vittan Shishu Mandir. There is a stone slab on which the name of lane viz. Dewan Bal Mukund Lane is inscribed. The above house is located on a path  perpendicular to the stone slab. People can travel upto Chowk by rickshaw and walk upto this place through Brahmanal, which is a famous landmark.  They can also travel by boat upto Manikarnika  Ghat and climb the steps.


This powerful Shiv Ling is located inside a private house and devotees can have darshan. For performing any special pooja like Rudram etc. devotees may contact Shri Devanand Chaturvedi at 0542-2397091 or Cell (0)9451895699.

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