When the evil demon Durgasur with his supernatural powers was tormenting religious people, Lord Shiva sent Goddess to kill him.(Details given under Durga Devi).

After slaying the demon and taking the form of  Durga Devi, Kashi Khand states that Durga Devi guards Kashi in form of various Shaktis/Devis at various places in Kashi.  One of them is Ashwa Roodha.  According to Pundits this deity is known as Vageshwari.

Vagheshwari Devi

Vagheshwari Devi


This deity is located in the temple premises which houses  Skanda Mata Devi.

Maa Durga’s 5th form is Skand Mata. She has child Skand (Kartikeya) seated on her lap and so she is called Skand Mata.

Skand Mata has four hands. In each of her upper hands she has a lotus flower. Her left hand has the posture of giving blessings. Her form is auspicious and she sits on a lotus flower. Hence she is called Padmasana Devi.  Her vehicle is lion.

Her devotees get all their desires fulfilled, they get peace and happiness and their way to salvation becomes easy. Since she guards the Sun’s orbit, her devotees get a radiating light which surround them as an aura.

Vageshwari Devi (Ashwa Rooda)  is allowed to be worshipped only on two days in one full year.   On all the other days the door remains closed and devotees worship the door only.

Closed Door housing Vagheshwari

Closed Door housing Vagheshwari

Skanda Mata is considered to be a powerful Devi.


Skanda Mata Temple is located at J.6/33, Jaitpura. People can reach this place by rickshaw as Jaitpura Police Station is an important landmark. Devotees worship Skanda Mata during Navratri falling in September/October as one of the nine Durgas.

There is some confusion here. Some locals term Skanda Mata as Vagheshwari. But according to Learned Pundits, Vagheshwari is Ashwa Rooda who is located inside the closed door on the ground level. Skanda Mata is located on the upper storey.


The temple is open from 05.00 a.m. to 12.00 Noon and from 04.00 p.m. to 07.00 p.m.  Aarties are held in morning and evening.  Timings may change.


Madhavi Devi is the Priest of the temple.

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